7 Easy Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

7 Easy Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

As the days grow shorter and the air takes on a slight chill, there's a familiar sense of anticipation. Fall is tiptoeing its way into our lives, like an old friend returning after a long journey. In the south, the Fall temperatures take longer to emerge, building the anticipation even more.

The world around us starts to transform, adorned in a breathtaking tapestry of warm hues. The leaves turn multiple shades of gold, the sun sets sooner and the scents of wood burning fire pits are nearby. A new season sparks a sense of new beginnings and leaving behind the old habits of summer that we want to shed.


Hello Fall, my mantra for this month is...


If you could put into words what you are hopeful for this Fall, what would your mantra be?

Mantras are sacred words that are repeated as a form of positive affirmation. They are used to focus the mind, cultivate specific intentions and promote inner peace. A good way to maintain a mantra ritual is to have one written by your bedside to read aloud in the morning and at bedtime.

Here are some of our favorites for self-love: 

1. "I am worthy of love and acceptance." This mantra reminds you that you deserve love and kindness just as much as anyone else. 

2. "I love and accept myself unconditionally." Repeating this mantra helps you embrace yourself with all your imperfections and quirks. 

3. "I forgive myself and let go of the past." This mantra encourages self compassion and releasing any negative emotions tied to past mistakes. 

4. "I am enough just as I am." This mantra reinforces the idea that your inherent worth is not determined external factors or achievements. 

5. "I radiate love and positivity from within." By affirming this, you reinforce the idea that self-love can lead to a more positive and loving presence in your interactions with others. 

These can all be customized to resonate with your personal journey towards self-love and repeated regularly during meditation or as daily affirmations to promote a healthy sense of self-worth. 

‚ÄúAutumn leaves don‚Äôt fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on their only chance to soar.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Delia Owens

Easy Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

1. Connect with Nature 

Spending time in nature, whether it’s a walk in the park or gardening, can help you relax and connect with your environment. The Fall season is an amazing time of year for all your senses. The vibrant colors are visually calming. The faint smell of wood burning can transport you to a time when you built smores around the fire. Rustling leaves dancing in the wind sounds like a soothing melody connecting you to the outdoors.

Walking is one of the most beneficial and easiest exercises you can incorporate into your schedule. As little as 4,000 steps per day will make a big impact on your health physically and mentally. Check out this post from the Mayo Clinic that gives easy to follow steps and the science behind why you should hit the pavement daily. 

Looking to explore in your area? Check out the All Trails App which lets you explore outdoor spaces by location, difficulty level, and even sort for ones that are kid friendly. 

2. Practice Gratitude

Mindfulness activities, like yoga, meditation, or journaling, can help you stay present in the moment and reduce stress. Write down some things your thankful for and tape that list to your bathroom mirror. Whenever you feel discouraged, reread that list as a reminder of all the good you are surrounded with. Once you start this practice, you will see not only your list grow, but your happiness will too. 

Read here for more easy ways to practice gratitude and mindfulness this season.

Woman practicing gratitude by the water with her coffee at sunrise

3. Pamper Your Hands

There's something about a fresh coat of nail polish that makes you feel put together. These polish colors are the latest from OPI to set the tone for autumn vibes. Your hands are what you see and use the most, so handle with care. Don't forget about your cuticles and the top of your hands. This DIY hand cream is easy to make and very inexpensive. It makes a great gift too!

4. DIY Fall Simmer Pot

Fall scents on the stove can be an easy self care ritual with just a few ingredients you may already have in your pantry! It's a great self care idea for several reasons. Fall scents like cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and oranges can have a calming and soothing effect on your mood. These aromas can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and well-being. 

This recipe is our favorite from The Hillary Style Blog

DIY Simmer Pot Recipe for Fall with orange, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, all spice

5. All Natural Skincare Ritual

Protect your skin with hydrating products for the changing weather. Choose all natural ingredients to maximize skin benefits and to promote a healthy glow. A morning and night skincare routine will keep your face cleansed and moisturized throughout the colder months with ease. Get started on your way to better skin with Source Vitál. Their starter kits let you try out sample products based on your skin type (oily, aging, sensitive, normal). Looking for more youthful skin or blemish free skin? Give one of these starter kits a try. Shop here for more robust protocol kits for continued and even more effective natural skin care.

6. Dolce far Niente - The sweetness of doing nothing

Dolce far Niente is Italian for "the sweetness of doing nothing". Sound familiar? It was explained also in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Finding moments of relaxation and inspiration through unplugging are absolutely free self care and the benefits are endless. Find some time to sit quietly and let your mind and body rest. From the moment we wake, our brains are bombarded with sights, sounds and stresses for hours. Our US society is overstimulated and overworked. No wonder mental and physical illness are so prevalent, we aren't giving ourselves a time to rest and repair.

The best time to "do nothing" is at the end of the day, preferably outdoors or in a bath to also balance your circadian rhythm, where you can take a few moments to turn off screens and reflect on the positive and the negative. It's important to acknowledge both, come to terms with the negative and celebrate the positive. Actively compartmentalizing the events of the day help your stress levels short term and long term. It will also improve your sleep and overall mood. Dolce far Niente can easily be combined with a warm bath which has another list of benefits you'll be happy to know. 

7. Soak in a Floral Bath

Bathing offers several health benefits beyond just getting clean. Taking a warm bath can relax muscles and relieve stress. The warm temperature soothes your body and mind, reducing tension and promoting relaxation. A warm bath before bedtime can improve the quality of your sleep. It raises your body temperature and when you exit the bath, your body cools down, signaling to your brain that it's time to sleep.

A floral bath can help keep your skin healthy. It cleanses the skin, removes toxins and can alleviate dryness or itching. Adding all natural florals and salts like our Moon Magic Bath Tea can enhance these benefits. Use the scoop to pour bath tea directly into your bath or scoop the bath tea into the mesh tea bag included for easy clean up. 

Vintage white bath with candles

Embrace the fall with essential self-care must-haves, prioritizing your well-being as you navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood. Remember, taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give your family. 

A new season is a good time to reflect on the past, lean into the present and look towards the future with a healthy mindset. What healthy habits have you recently created and maintained? Which ones would you like to bring into this new season?


You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. Quote by The Rare Blooms

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